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11 11, 2020

Declaring Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Discharge


Bankruptcy filing for debt relief is not as bad as it seems. For some people, to be able to pay back what is owed to lenders and wipe out debts is the only way to have a fresh start financially. Our law firm has processed countless of bankruptcy cases, and for good reason. If you [...]

Declaring Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Discharge2020-11-11T09:51:02+00:00
25 10, 2020

Bankruptcy Filing: What Debts are Forgiven?


For a lot of people, the bankruptcy process allowed them to financially get back on track and have a fresh start at life. Choosing to file a bankruptcy case is a legal issue, not a personal one. Getting a good local attorney can help you with the different types of bankruptcy, the actual bankruptcy procedure, [...]

Bankruptcy Filing: What Debts are Forgiven?2020-10-21T10:22:13+00:00
14 10, 2020

Fixing Your Credit After Bankruptcy


If you decided to file for bankruptcy, repairing your credit afterward is probably one of your main concerns. Having a bad credit report means having a score lower than 560 based on FICO’s scoring system. Record of bankruptcy, your payment history, utilization of credit, and a host of factors influence how fast you can regain [...]

Fixing Your Credit After Bankruptcy2020-10-14T08:33:58+00:00
7 08, 2020

Basics of Bankruptcy Chapter 7


In Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, also known as liquidation bankruptcies, the court liquidates your nonexempt assets and distributes the proceeds to holders of claims in order to wipe out your debts. This article provides the basic information you need to know in filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Individuals, partnerships, [...]

Basics of Bankruptcy Chapter 72020-08-07T12:01:03+00:00
17 07, 2020

How Automatic Stay Works in Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy


Filing bankruptcy is something you would normally not look forward to. However, you might eventually see bankruptcy filing as the best way to deal with your financial problems and have a fresh start. If you are planning to declare bankruptcy, you need to look into the specifics of the different types of bankruptcy. You can [...]

How Automatic Stay Works in Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy2020-07-17T10:46:02+00:00
8 07, 2020

How Does Bankruptcy Work If You Are Married?


If you are married and about to declare bankruptcy, you need to be aware of the additional set of legal options available to you as compared to individual debtors. To avoid the unnecessary stress of filing a joint bankruptcy with your spouse, make sure to familiarize yourself with important facts about the bankruptcy process and [...]

How Does Bankruptcy Work If You Are Married?2020-07-08T08:24:43+00:00
19 06, 2020

Choosing The Right Type of Bankruptcy Filing


If you are currently stuck in debt and seek a way out, filing for bankruptcy is your best option. Choosing the right type of bankruptcy is a crucial step in obtaining a new start. This is why before you file, consider the main reason behind your financial problem: was it due to medical expenses incurred? [...]

Choosing The Right Type of Bankruptcy Filing2020-06-19T12:49:14+00:00
6 05, 2020

Reasons Why Chapter 13 Bankruptcy May Be A Better Option


Filing bankruptcy is not an easy decision. There are several bankruptcy chapters in the bankruptcy code which may be daunting for someone faced with financial challenges. If you are considering bankruptcy, it is wise to seek legal advice so that one can make a sound decision to get out of debt. A bankruptcy lawyer is [...]

Reasons Why Chapter 13 Bankruptcy May Be A Better Option2020-05-06T07:54:27+00:00
8 02, 2020

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13 in California


What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is the legal process in relation to persons or businesses who cannot afford to pay their remaining debts. The Bankruptcy laws are designed to help debtors unable to pay their outstanding balances and help the creditors get relief from whatever kind of assets the debtor has no need for. Bankruptcies are [...]

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13 in California2020-02-08T21:52:27+00:00
20 01, 2020

California Bankruptcy Basics


Many credit card companies tell consumers that bankruptcy only happens to people who have no control over their spending, making them misuse their credit cards, but this is pure myth. Bankruptcy lawyers can attest to that, having clients who have filed bankruptcy cases for various reasons. A debtor can come from a wide range of [...]

California Bankruptcy Basics2020-01-20T07:01:26+00:00