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105. Should I Use a Credit Agency as a Bankruptcy Alternative?

If you are struggling with debt, you are probably weighing your options to see what will work best for you. This is exactly what you should be doing. However, you should know that credit counseling businesses can only help so much. For example, they are unable to negotiate with the IRS. They also cannot help […]

101. What Should I Expect From a Bankruptcy Consultation?

If you are getting ready to meet with a bankruptcy attorney for a consultation, you may be wondering what to expect. A bankruptcy consultation is your chance to learn more about the filing process and your best options. What Can I Expect? Since most consultations are free, be prepared to ask and answer questions about […]

15. Will My Student Loans Go Away In Bankruptcy?

Facing financial difficulties is stressful, especially when it is tied to student loans. It can also be confusing to know what avenues are available to help reduce or eliminate your student loan debt. You may be wondering if filing for bankruptcy will eliminate your student loan debt. The good news is that it is possible […]


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