Angel P.

Daniela Romero always maintained close communication with us and made sure that we were aware of our appointments and what paperwork we needed to complete. The fact that she is bilingual made us feel even more comfortable with her. We trusted her expertise and guidance throughout the process, and she never let us down. My wife and I highly recommend Daniela Romero to anyone who is facing financial problems and needs an ethical and competent attorney.
Also, I want to thank Daniela Romero for helping my wife and me navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of the legal system, in particular, the bankruptcy court process. As she clearly states on her website, Ms Romero truly did listen to us, educated and guided us through the various potential options and, most importantly, did so in such a way that we felt good about ourselves despite having to declare bankruptcy.

Maureen M.

Daniela Romero in the city of Pasadena is an awesome BK attorney she is quick thorough and on top of things. I never had a doubt about her from the day I met her sitting in her office I knew I had chosen the right attorney.


My case was a chapter 13 bk converted to a chaper 7 bk. I let go my former attorney and hired Ms.Romero to convert my case. She came highly recommended by one of my friends. She explained the process and it made me feel confident that she knew what she was doing. I was pleased with the service.


Daniela P. Romero was my bankruptcy attorney in 2012. I live in California and consider my situation a very unique case due to multiple properties in another state. Daniela is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who took the time to completely understand my situation, my concerns and what I needed the outcome to be. Daniela had the resources to help me with complex issues in California (LA County & Orange County) and thousands of miles away in the Midwest. I also had several personal issues flare up during the time of my case and Daniela was very flexible, easy to work with and adjusted her schedule to meet my needs. When we met with the trustee Daniela had me extremely prepared and I was not surprised by anything the trustee asked me. Daniela gave me peace of mind and comforted me during a very stressful time and made a process that is filled with anxiety very manageable and it did not affect my personal or professional life in anyway. I do not just consider Daniela my attorney but a personal friend to me and to my family because of the effort she put forth for us and because of the kind of person she is. Daniela’s firm is reasonably priced. I will not hesitate referring Daniela P. Romero to anyone in need of a Bankruptcy Attorney.


My husband and I spent years in debt . We tried crawling out of this hole of despair ourselves, but when you can no longer make it paycheck to paycheck and find yourself falling further behind we knew it was time to look for help. I initially found Daniela Romero when I googled bankruptcy lawyers near Pasadena. Up popped hundreds of names. I called quite a few offices before choosing Ms. Romero. Best choice i could have made. From the moment my husband and I met with her she made us feel right at ease. She explained the whole process to us in a way we could understand. We were given a list of what she would need from us for her to file with the backruptcy. She explained the pre-bankruptcy and discharge bankruptcy classes we needed to take online. Every document Ms Romero filed we were sent copies very promptly, and when it was time to appear in bankruptcy court she was right there to hold our hand and walk us through. I can’t begin to express my appreciation to Ms, Romero and her TREMENDOUS office staff. They were outstanding from start to finish !!!!!


Daniela was recommended to me by a family member. she explained the different Bancruptcy choices in detail and provided written material for future reference. After she got my Bancruptcy approved, she is now helping with a Loan Modification for me. I am greateful to her!


I found Daniela through another review and I’m happy to add my own. She has gone above and beyond to help me in every aspect of the filing process from working with me in paying fees, explaining everything thoroughly, helping me decide the best options, and most importantly, is compassionate and kind enough to ease my fears, making me feel better about a difficult situation. For being so busy, she is quick to get back to me when I have questions and is very personable and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended!


We were referred to Daniela by a family member, who had nothing but amazing things to say about her. We called and told her about our situation, and as stressed and frustrated as we were, we were very quickly put at ease simply by her warm personality and the smile she greeted us with. That was just the beginning. Her knowledge and quick action just reassured our feelings of making the right choice. We had a very bad experience with another attorney a few years back and were a little worried, but Daniela made all that go away. She is very professional and very quick at getting things done and filed. She explained everything very thoroughly and in terms we could understand. She was very honest and we loved the fact that we had a plan B, just in case. But with Daniela we didn’t even need that plan B because she is very experienced and knows exactly what she is doing. We met with her, she filed for us and we had our court date all within 6 weeks. She was with us every step of the way, answering all of our questions and sitting right next to us in court. We are very grateful. Thanks to her we have our new begining. The perk to our already wonderful experience is her amazing kindness and personality, and she doesnt charge a cent for that! We highly recommend her.


Loved the personal service I received during a very difficult time. Daniela is not an appearance attorney. She will meet and speak with you any time as opposed to the “mills” who treat you like a number. Her personal touch was very reassuring. You can’t go wrong.

Ben H.

I recently had need of Ms Romero’s legal services and was very satisfied with her outstanding professional expertise. Not only was Daniela Romero very knowledgeable, but she took great care to see that my case was thoroughly reviewed before filing. Her professional integrity is most admirable. She not only took time to make certain that I was fully informed but she also completed my filings in a very timely fashion. My case involved financial matters that she was thoroughly prepared for and she had all of the requisite experience to cover all bases. I would highly recommend Ms Romero to anyone seeking the professional legal services that she provides. She was far superior to my previous legal experience and she personally attends the court hearings with you rather than sending a subordinate to fill in. I give her an excellent rating for all of the above reasons.

Maria M.

Very satisfied with consultation. Daniela took me in the same day I called and helped ease worries. She was very informative, polite, and patient. Daniela went far and beyond to have all of my husband’s and my questions answered. I highly highly recommend. We left her office feeling stress free and comfortable with our visit.


Daniela is not only one of my former law school classmates but a very good friend. She is an outstanding lawyer who pays great attention to detail and has great instincts. I have actually referred friends and family members to her and all have been wonderfully impressed and appreciated greatly the care and attention she showed. I will continue to refer her clients.


YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so very much…I just received the full amount of the levy back. I thought it would take a lot longer…but I read your demand letter and you are an awesome attorney!! Thank you again and hope to see you soon.

Robert M.

I had a very challenging time during the recession, losing my full-time job while pursuing a Master’s and there came a time where I simply “hit the wall” in my finances. In the midst of it, I also had a couple of incorrectly reported, disputed debts along with a couple of legitimate but ever so painful marks such as my believing my closing AT&T bill had been paid while actually have something like a $7 remaining balance!? Daniela was very kind, straightforward and compassionate in helping me through the final stretches of cleaning up my credit where the last one or two Collection Agencies were reporting negatively based on bad information and as a consumer, they essentially would not take me seriously. They took Daniela seriously and in a sense gave her professional courtesy that they would not afford me, allowing for removal of a negative report being removed. A few months later, I was checking my credit, talking to a Mortgage Lender about the CALHFA program, intending to simply inquire and I didn’t realize my FICO score was already high enough to be approved for a CALHFA Mortgage! About 40-45 days later, I was a homeowner! Don’t give up, people! You may have to learn to hold your peace as you fight through your challenges but do methodically chip away and you will begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. As you do, you’d be well served to have Daniela walk alongside you and help.

Richard V.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to this woman who has kept me in my home for so long. She helps me to see the logic in my decisions and has helped me to set right the course of my life.


So awesome. I had a wage garnishment from a judgment. I thought my money was gone forever, and I was ecstatic to learn my attorney, Ms. Romero had been able to protect my assets and return it to me. It was amazing.

Peggy O

Daniela Romero is a no-nonsense, articulate lawyer with a unique warmth about her. Her advice was crystal clear, and she helped me map out the path to a solution for my dilemma. Her deep experience is apparent when consulting, and she’s a great, active listener.


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